The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II – A Product Review



Buying a camera these days requires some research due to the wide range of options and features offered by the various manufacturers. You can choose a camera based on the intended use, your style, your lifestyle and even your purse size. Regardless of what drives your decision at the end of the day you still want quality pictures. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II is a neat little number that offers some quality service at what can be considered a relatively reasonable price for a decent camera.

A Few Thoughts On Timing and Staging Of Capital Into Modern Tech Startups


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A few thoughts on timing and staging of capital into modern tech startups. Start with the fact that 2003-20011 seed rounds were ~$500K-1M. As points out, now you see more startups raising $2-3-4M or even more in “seed” financing, often in multiple tranches. So then, think about the startup that’s raised $3-4M or even $5-6M in “seed” funding that goes to raise a “Series A” from VC firms.

Venture capitalist looks back across the table: “You’re not raising a Series A, you’re raising a Series B. You already raised your Series A [in seed $]”. This can take the startup by surprise, because it really affects how VCs think about progress and milestones, is key to raising new round. VC’s assume Series A is to build, product and get first beta customers; Series B is to build the business around the product and get to revenue.

So a…

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