July Diary in August



I kept a July comics diary but will be posting it every day this August. Actually, it’s not quite half-drawn yet. So it’s a sort of selective July-August diary, I guess.


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On The New Yorker “Satirizing” Sonny


Love Jazz!

Nicholas Payton


Charlie Parker died to play this music. Bud Powell died to play this music. After suffering through the worst holocaust in human history, these brilliant Black artists gave the world a gift. This gift was so potent that not only did it help them leverage some modicum of autonomy, but helped other oppressed peoples of the world find themselves. It even freed the souls of those who uprooted them from their homeland of Africa and enslaved them for centuries in a land not theirs. It is through Black music that White America began the process of healing itself.

I didn’t think back in May of 2005 when I was generously quoted in Stanley Crouch’s piece entitled, “The Colossus,” which extolled the virtues of Master Rollins, that I would have to sit up here today and call out the same publication for attempting to besmirch his character. I hesitate to write…

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Your Cable Company Won’t Like This – Google’s New Way to Watch TV!


Google Chromecast

Chromecast is an innovative digital media player produced and developed by Google. It has been created to be inserted into your TV in order to allow you to stream from Netflix, Youtube or other sources. In reality, Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that measures 2.83 inches that makes possible the streaming audio and video content in high definition from different sources on your TV by using Wi-Fi from a local network. Also, the users are able to choose what media to play next on their TVs by using special Chromecast applications for both mobile phones and web. Therefore, you can easily play anything you want directly from your phone, whether it uses Android or iOS, or from Google Chrome on your personal computer. It’s that easy!

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I Am My Own Wreckage; I Am My Own Black Box


Beautifully written


Last week, I became someone who never had children.

Before then, I was someone who simply didn’t have them.  In March, though, I joined the waiting list for sperm from a bank that gives its donors names like “Woody” (or “Kim,” if they’re Asian). I read 17 pages of my guy’s family history and listened to his 10-minute interview.

“What advice would you like to pass on to your future child?” the interviewer asked.

“Life is hard,” he replied. “But if you can stay interested in things, it’s also a great adventure.”

“Staying interested in things,” simple as it sounds, is a full-spectrum anti-depression light box for the soul. Put me down for four vials! (It was a twofer deal). I loved this guy!

I even loved that he was only five foot eight. His family was full of short men married to tall women, so I figured they must…

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Manual or Computer Carbonless Forms For Your Business


Managing a business is a very challenging task as there’s always the risk of losing important documents and receipts. There are times when we cannot perform a transaction digitally and hence we don’t have any kind of backup of a particular document.

Therefore rather than losing the single hard copy that you possess, it would be wise to create multiple copies of any important documents and receipts that are necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

However, if you do happen to print multiple copies of a single document it can turn out to be very expensive. Therefore, the best thing to do in such cases would to use carbonless forms. This amazing piece of stationary would help you manage all your paperwork without the need of carbon sheets.




Get rid of carbon forms

Even today, there are plenty of businesses that make use of carbon forms. However, these can be messy and it would be a waste of resources as well.

With carbonless forms, unlike their precursors you would be able to build custom templates that are also easy to modify. You would be able to use pre-made or your own customized templates to create backups of all your transactions and hence generate receipts as and when you desire.

It’s not a hard task to accomplish

Usually people think that creating carbonless forms is going to be a very difficult and challenging task. However, it’s one of the easiest things that you’d come across, provided you have a layout in mind.

If you’re looking for ideas, you could always search online for some designing help or guides as there are plenty of elegant designs showcased on various websites. You should try and include your business logo as well as any text in large fonts printed in a creative font in addition to your contact details and website URL.

Find a good printing company to work with

There are plenty of printing companies that would be able to help you out with your carbonless forms. Therefore, when searching for someone to help you out, you should make sure that you find one that’s reliable and has a good reputation among its present clients.  

With their help you would be able to create various templates and also get them proofread to prevent any kind of errors that may have crept in – both layout as well as typographical errors.

You benefit a lot through these forms

Your business is definitely going to benefit a lot when you make the switch as you would be able to create forms that stand out from your competition and hence offer a sense of professionalism.

Therefore, we’ve seen that the entire procedure of printing these carbonless forms is very simple as you don’t have to make use of any external carbon sheets. So, rather than having blackish forms you would be able to generate forms with an amazing glossy finish.

So, if you’re truly looking forward to taking your business to the next level, carbonless forms is surely one of the ways to do it.